10 Cool Things about OS X Panther

The latest version of OS X from Apple is scheduled to be available on October 24th. O’Reilly Network has published a review referred to at Mobile Casino Safari of the hot new Mac operating system code-named Panther. The review touches on 10 interesting new features and upgrades, including;

1. Exposé, 2. Command-Tab, 3. Threading in Mail, 4. Fast Preview, 5. The New Finder, 6. Safari Rendering, 7. Font Book, 8. File Vault, 9. Secure Erase Trash, 10. Active Directory Integration.

I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl. Cheetah was horrible, Puma at least got me up on Office, Jaguar was pretty tight but Apple’s users are looking to be reinspired. Hopefully Panther can do it.