PBS Frontline: Truth, War, and Consequences and Chasing the Sleeper Cell

When I’m hanging out online I love to watch TV in a little window on my screen in parallel with whatever else I’m doing. One of my favorite sites is PBS:Frontline. They have like about 25 full-length documentaries available to view online…. 1-2 hours each broken up into 4-6 segments. They just released 2 new ones this week.

Truth, War, and Consequences

Did America rush into a war in Iraq for which it was unprepared? Could the current volatility in Iraq have been prevented? And was the White House’s rationale for war based on faulty and exaggerated intelligence reports?

Chasing the Sleeper Cell

“In the past 24 hours, federal authorities have identified, investigated and disrupted an Al Qaeda-trained terrorist cell on American soil,” Deputy Assistant Attorney General Larry Thompson announced on Sept. 14, 2002. It was a sobering announcement that sent shockwaves through America.