You Have Bad Taste in Music

Check out this series of QuickTime videos by Eman Laerton. This guy is too funny. He goes around to concert parking lots and tells fans that the bands they like are inauthentic, fake, and just plain suck. He stands up with a soapbox and bull-horn and tries to reform the fans of what he considers bad music with his public service announcements. His message is simple. Don’t go to this concert. Stop listening to bad music. Turn off your radio and tv.

After getting a crowd of partying Linkin Park fans to dance and chant “Linkin Park is a roller-coaster” he proceeds to tell them that like a roller coaster Linkin park may seem dangerous or appear rebellious while in fact it’s perfectly safe for family fun, the danger is an illusion, and they’ve been duped by marketing hype. He goes farther claiming the lead singer writes in fictionalized cliches and calling him fraudulent.

I would love to go see this guy do his act at one of these upcoming shows in LA posted on his website.