Hire Kris Krug

With my company going through an acquisition and my future uncertain I decided that now is a good time to update my CV. I’ve gathered a fair amount of feedback from my friends and colleagues and finally feel like its in good enough shape to post. Please take a look and pass it on to anyone who you know may be hiring or to recruiters who have brought you high quality positions in the past. I’ll have .pdf, .txt. and .doc versions available in the near future.

It’s a long resume and there is a ton of detail including screen-shots of almost all the major projects I’ve worked on in my career, but you can really boil it down to a few simple ideas.

  1. I’m a communications and marketing expert with a track-record of great results.
  2. I’m fun to work with and bring out the best in people.
  3. I work hard, have big ideas, and love to execute them.

Another great way to find out more about my background and what the people I’ve worked with say about me, create a free LinkedIn account and do a search for my name.