Change This!

Bloggers are special.

A jumble of slanted, shouting voices have overcome our airwaves, infiltrated our newspapers, filled every corner of our waking lives, and they aren’t going to stop. It’s affecting all of us. You may have noticed that every argument seems just a little more heated than the last–is it any surprise, when each one of has been listening just a little bit less? It’s a sign of more to come.

But now, people are listening to bloggers instead. Blogging is the populist response to the media hegemony: a sea of independent voices.

ChangeThis is aiming to disrupt the media pattern with powerful, rational arguments from leading thinkers. Seth Godin and a bunch of less known proprietors have a launched a site decidicated the spread of new ideas, good ideas, revolutionary ideas! Check out a few of my favorite manifestos from their site.

The Corporate Weblog ManifestoRobert Scoble
Before you post to the company blog again, read this manifesto. To blog guru Robert Scoble, business bloggers should have a few things in common. Among them, they should steer clear of PR-cleansed jargon, they should have a thick skin, and they should avoid writing during times of emotional turmoil. Scoble, a Microsoft strategist, knows his stuff–he’s one of the best-known blogging personalities on the Web.

Do LessSeth Godin
Marketing guru and agent of change Seth Godin writes that for your company to do more, sometimes you need to do less! Stop trying to be all things to all people (or customers), and focus (in your life and in your work) on your core strengths. Your business (and probably your sanity) are likely to improve.

This I Believe!Tom Peters
Tom Peters is back with more Big Ideas for your job, your company, and your life. The marketing and strategy guru holds forth on why audacity matters, why women are the future of leadership, and why diversity is crucial to business success. Those who have never read Tom will find an excellent primer here; those well-versed in Peters’ ideas can get up to speed on his latest thoughts.

UPDATE: releases new manifestos to bloggers before they are released to the general public. I think this is a cool idea and will create a viral buzz about their site… at least that’s what they are counting on. Here’s the manifestos coming out next week that I read and enjoyed.

Why Diversity Rules – Jerry Colonna
Diversity, that of personality and style, is critically undervalued by even the most egalitarian of organizations. JERRY COLONNA, one of Forbes’ Best VCs in the Country and one of the 25 most generous young Americans according to Worth, shares a personal story about the value of misfits.

Guru Red Manifesto – Mike Smock
Mike’s rules may just spark a business revolution. Keep secrets! Don’t tout your achievements! Stay under the radar. Don’t take money from strangers. Be ruthless! MIKE SMOCK offers his collection of practical truths on honest American entrepreneurship. Build meaningful, profitable organizations that strive to attract customers, not investors, and build loyalty, not headcount.

Unbalance of Power – Al Gore
“What would Benjamin Franklin think of President Bush’s assertion that he has the inherent power…to launch an invasion?” The U.S. is now in a permanent state of war, says Al Gore, former vice-president of the United States. Read his biting assessment of the Bush administration’s trespass of our trust and our liberty.

LESS – Bruce Kasanoff
Your customers don’t want more, they want LESS! Kasanoff uses examples to point out the mind-twistingly frustrating customer experiences that have become commonplace in today’s corporations. Improve your customers’ lives: Clone your best people! Anticipate your customers’ needs! Make a don’t-do list! (Item #1, don’t ask for your customers’ account number three times in one call!) Be flexible! Fix your customers’ problems before your customers even know they have them! And above all, simplify, simplify, simplify!