Flickr PRO Gets a Price Tag and New Functionality

I don’t want to talk about this too much at the moment ’cause I’m currently working on an interview with Stewart from Ludicorp about Flickr… so I’ll keep it short and save the rest for the interview.

They launched the new Flickr PRO pricing scheme yesterday and added some new functionality. The jury is still out on the pricing and I’m looking forward to hearing more reaction from the community.

To upgrade to Flickr PRO is going to cost you 60 bucks (30% off during the Beta). My gut tells me that it’s cheap for hardcore users, but potentially cost prohibitive to the average internet user. The way I see it people aren’t going to be able to afford their growing subscriptions burden… cell phones, internet, cable, web hosting, domain names, Flickr PRO, TypePad, NetFlix, web mail, BlogRolling, Salon and other content, etc etc.

A great business idea might be to pull together a hosting plan that has special pricing negotiated with the providers of all these services that I can subscribe to. One bill from one person with one interface to login to/manage all my subscriptions.