Searching My Name on Google, MSN, and Yahoo

I was reading some other people’s blogs where they test come up in the search engines when they search their names. I know this is a pretty common practice amongst bloggers, but I haven’t spent much time doing it. I barely have time to search through my referrer logs these days.

Tonight I decided to query my first and last names on the best search engines, or at least the ones I use the most often; Yahoo, Google, and MSN.

kris‘ – 209!!!
krug‘ – 34
kris krug‘ – 1

kris‘ – 16
krug‘ – 9
kris krug‘ – 1

kris‘ – 69
krug‘ – 11
kris krug‘ – 1

I’m linking to them here to have a record of what my placements were at this point in time. I bet writing about it here has the potential to help move me up the lists.