February Shout-Outs

Hey guys. Been way overdue on a shout-out post. Here goes…

Boris, Darren, and Co. have Northern Voice this weekend. Lee and Scoble are coming up for it. Dave decided to come out. Stewart is busy playin cult leader. Joe is doing an Amnesty International gig. Roland podcasted theBlackTories. Troy started his new gig. JD is in bed deep with Sony. Jer blogs! Tim is still trying to wrap ‘TPOB’. New Flickr friend Claudine is da shizzle! PJ’s old band signed a record deal on songs he wrote. Rick is hiring a designer. Nick wants your vote. Rushkoff is going to do an interview with me. Gail started a Flicknoratica game… I’m winning I think. Dan’s Mobius Mixdown rocks the interweb. Beercasting tonight with the Vancouver blogging crowd.

I think that’s about it for this batch. Let me know whats going on with you
too and I’ll make sure you’re included next time around. 🙂