Genetically Modified Athletes Book by Andy Miah

From Andy‘s new Bioethics in Sport blog

“My new book Genetically Modified Athletes: Biomedical Ethics, Gene Doping and Sport was published by Routledge. It is the first book publication on this subject and intends to set-out the range of ethical issues arising from gene transfer and genomics more generally.”

GMA has been covered by major media companies in Australia (The Review), Brazil (Folha de Sao Paulo), Canada (The National), and the UK (BBC Newsnight, World Service, Sky News, Independent on Sunday, The Observer, Guardian). The book is the first to investigate the ethical issues arising from genetic modification in sport. To date, it has been reviewed by The Lancet, the British Association for Sport Exercise and Medicine, and the Journal of Sport Science and Medicine.

Go Andy! I’ll post up a good expert if I can get my hands on one. 🙂 He’s working on another very bleeding edge and interesting title too, The Medicalisation of Cyberspace, that will be out next year.

“My next book is due in 2006 and will be co-authored piece with Dr. Emma Rich. Its theoretical base derives from medical sociology, bioethics and cybercultural theory. The book explores how the Internet has been appropriated by medical discourses and how this is changing how we make sense of science and technology in society.”