BeerCasting – Vancouver Squad – Subeez Cafe, Wednesday 6pm

My friend Greg has this flavor of podcasting he calls BeerCasting. Podcasting, for those newbies in the audience is kinda like radio, over the internet, but delivered to your iPod or computer via RSS. (We can debate on a proper definition tommorow.)

Here’s Greg’s description of BeerCasting… “What is Beercasting? Let’s face it, we’re all social people and nothing gets us chattering quicker than a few drinks and some good friends, both new and old. These days, the Internet is growing and growing and more and more of us are turning to it as a way to get a voice and make sure it’s heard. Beercasting provides us, the everyday man and woman, with a fun and entertaining outlet for our joys, pains, and everything in between. Best of all, you don’t have to be famous!”

Anyway, tommorow night is the 2nd meetup of the Vancouver BeerCasting squad and if you are reading this you are cordially invited. The more the merrier. We’re getting together at Subeez in Vancouver. It will be informal and my first time with my own gear so anything can happen. We’re getting together at 6pm. No need to RSVP. Get in where you fit in. Hope to see some new faces. 🙂

Subeez Café
891 Homer Street
Telephone: 604 687-6107

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