Vancouver BeerCasting Squad- Round 2 – Subeez Cafe – March 16, 2005

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to BeerCast with us last night at Subeez Cafe here in Vancouver. It was a great venue for doing this, and I’m pleased with the way our first shows turned out doing it on our own. (I ended up buying audio recording gear so that I’m equiped to do this as well as podcasts and interviews on the event blogging side of things).

We started off a little slow with “Culture is Boring“, but hit our stride by the time we were discussing “Reality TV” in segment 3. If you only listen to one though, make it “Dating Tips for Geeks“, which turned out really funny and you might actually get a few good tips.

Below are the links to the Mp3’s and names and links of those who participated. We’re going to do this again soon so subscribe to my RSS to make sure you don’t miss the invite. Also, please suggest more topics for BeerCasts and podcasts in the comments. Drop me a note if you have an event in Vancouver you’d like me to come out and bring the gear and podcast or BeerCast.


1 – “culture is boring” – ***
2 – “pet peeves” – ***
3 – “reality television” – ****
4 – “dating tips for geeks” – *****

The Vancouver BeerCasting Squad – March 16th

Darren Inouye –
John Goodall –
Michael Tippet –
Boris Mann –
Roland Tanglao –
Richard Eriksson –
Gillian Gunson –
Joshua Dunford –
Tyler Douglas
Kara Hendrickson
Adam Dunford

Here’s a Flickr photoset of a few shots from the night.

*** Special thanks to Jeff and the rest of the crew at Subeez Cafe.

John Goodall’s take on the night is here.