Event and Conference Photography Using Flickr as the Publishing Tool and Content Managmen System

This is exactly what I’ve been talking about around here and at EventBlogging.com. Good stuff James. And I love your photos too! But don’t delete your shots that you’ve already uploaded, making them unreachable and sending broken links and pings… put links to the new, better shots in the photos descriptions or comments.

“I need to be able to replace a current image. For example, as time went on I learned better how to deal with the color of lighting in the rooms. But, there’s not a good way to replace an existing picture. You have to delete it and upload”

“For covering last week’s Emerging Tech conference, O’Reilly and I did a bit of experimentation with how to best to get the pictures to the web. In conferences past, Derrick Story would build up web pages to fit in the O’Reilly website, caption the pics, and what not. It took him an amazing amount of time to do this. This time around, we decided to try using the darling online photo sharing tool, Flickr, and see how that could change the game.

The bottom line: Using Flickr rocked. It let me shoot 3000+ images, edit down to 346 photos on my laptop (how I did that is another post entirely), post them to the etech account, and have them instantly available online after posting. I’m exhausted after, but that’s only because sorting through 3000+ frames is a lot of work. Now that I know a bit better what I’m doing, I’ll probably take less pictures and avoid the ones that I know won’t work.

The result: Lots of people looked at the pictures. As of Saturday at 5PM PST, there have been over 12,500 visits to the etech photostream. It’s been a raging success. The viewers of the photos also became contributors. Lots of tags and notes were created by various people—and all of their contributions add to the overall whole.”

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