The Next Vancouver Squad BeerCasting Event – Wednesday, March 30th @ Subeez

Greetings Vancouver BeerCasters. We’ll be getting together again a week from today, next Wednesday the 30th of March at Subeez for our next round of Vancouver BeerCasting. We had 15 people out last time with only a couple days notice so I’m hoping for more this time around. We’ll meetup and setup gear and start in on some beverages at 6pm but you are welcome to join us anytime after that. Last time we were wrapped up and out of there by 10:30pm with 4 BeerCasts under our belts. Anyway, if you are interested in technology, blogging podcasting, or just meeting people who are… come out and hang with us at Subeez next week. No need to RSVP. Get in where you fit in. If you have any ideas for topics bring ’em or leave ’em in the comments. Hope to see you there. 🙂

March 30th, 6pm

Subeez Café
891 Homer Street
Telephone: 604 687-6107

PS. I was thinking we should do this event announcement through or as well. Does someone want to help organize that?