Comox Valley Totem Poles Added to My Flickr Photoset

A few months ago I started taking photos of all the totem poles I could find around Vancouver. I found about 7 so far, and there are several more I know of or have been told about that I haven’t had a chance to shoot yesterday.

This weekend was Easter and I took a few days off to spend with my family over on Vancouver Island, here in British Columbia Canada. There are several native reserves in the area and I’ve decided to expand my project to include all of BC (or maybe the Pacific coast since I’m headed to Seattle soon and the US/Canada designation is artificial in the context of First Nations culture anyway).

I’ve added several shots from this weekend to my photoset of totem polls over at Flickr that I’ve taken here in Comox. I think these carvings fall into the broad categroy of the Salish tribe, but I know there are some more family and regional specifics and I’ll try to get that info and post it soon.

Yesterday we headed up to Campbell River and found some amazing poles. I’ll be uploading those one later today. If you’re intersted you should subscribe to my RSS feed which includes all my photos. (If you’ve been hearing about this RSS thing and don’t know what the heck I’m talking about… check this out quick.)