Voyeuristic Vancouver

“Sometimes I wonder if more happens… because I am watching….”

I think this is an art project and not the blog that it claims to be, but it is one of the most original web projects I’ve seen in a long time and worth a visit nonetheless. The premise of the site is that ‘Laura’ has been working as a security guaard at the Vancouver Art Gallery and has hacked into a security camera and is allowing users to control it via her personal blog. It’s got great audio and video and totally worth checking out.

“Information about the site is scare and a bit intentionally vague, but it appears as if this woman has managed to hook up one of the surveillance cameras at her job to her website, where you can control it. The detail in the feed is excellent and the zoom is phenomenal, the makings for a rather twisted voyeuristic addiction. It’s still dark in Vancouver right now, but I can’t seem to stop watching people in the street putting up signs and other odd happenings.”

The brains behind this project seems to be Janet Cardiff with technical help from Donald Goodes. A quick nerdy look at the source code uncovers her name in the keyword metatags, and a Google search reveals the ties between artist and site. Nice work guys.