I’ll Be Event Blogging and Taking Photos at The Industrial Designers Society of America Conference in Vancouver

Core77 has asked me to event blog and photograph the upcoming Industrial Designers Society of America district conference here in Vancouver April 8-9th. Also blogging at the event for Core77 will be Bruce Tharpe and Stephanie Munson and also Marc Berger Chicago.

The conference theme is epitomized in the recent IKEA commercial that shows a lamp left out on an empty, dark street in the rain, as a voiceover chides, “Some of you feel sorry for this lamp. That’s because you’re crazy. This lamp has no feelings. Plus, the new one is much better!” This conference tackles a difficult paradox: as designers, we wish to create products that are valued and cherished for their beauty, yet the very nature of our work requires that we be constantly recreating and improving. And, the environmental impact of our work adds another aspect to this intricate topic.”

How do designers act in a meaningful way within this context? How do they create lasting, enduring design, which transcends the disposable culture that dominates the North American market?

Here’s the speaker lineup for the event:
Eames Demetrios, Eames Studio
Alan Boykiw, Emily Carr
Katherine Bennett, Art CenterInventables
Bruce Tharp, University of Chicago