Techvibes Massive 2005 Notes Links and Photos

The show was fun. I took a ton of photos but didn’t write anything during the day. I was really busy talking to people about Bryght and event blogging and stuff. We did 8!!! little audio segment/podcasts from our booth.

Robert Scales and Mark Yuasa – Raincity Studios
Michael Bernowski and Sam Kirk – BCIT Radio and Sam Kirk Designs
Jeff Hamilton – PBC Incorporated
Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo – Capulet Communications
Ken –
Pete Quilly – Adult ADD
Darren Little –

Massive 231

Here’s a couple good posts I found on the event and here’s a link to the photos in a set over at Flickr.

Your Technology Event Shouldn’t Make Children Cry
“I just returned from Massive, a technology trade show put on by the folks at Techvibes. It was held at Science World (recently and despicably renamed to TelusSphere) in downtown Vancouver, and featured a ton of booths and a few conference sessions. When I say ‘at’, I mean ‘throughout’—they really took over the place.

Science World, for the unfamiliar, is a great, interactive museum dedicated to science. My fellow geeks and I have many fond memories of attending as kids, and I still enjoy going every once in a while. Additionally, as it turns out, spring break bumped up against Easter this year. Apparently, as a result, lots of kids aren’t in school today. You can see where this is going.”

bryght-crew-post (5)

TechVibes Massive 2005, Quick Post – The Standard

“Robert and I attended TechVibes Massive 2005 new media conference at Science World today. It was pretty quiet in the morning, but by noon the place was packed from elbow to elbow. Science World is a circular building under a massive dome, with ramps that run up the perimeter. Think, budget Guggenheim. It was a bit of an awkward space but the participants eagerly filled every nook and cranny.”

Massive 643

We also BeerCasted tonight but I’m not done pulling that all together yet. Stay tuned.

UPDATED: Here’s a link to the Blogaholics post about Massive 2005.

Arjun’s notes on “Roman Bondarchuk – Marketing using the Internet”
For some reason still unfathomable to me, I didn’t get sleep before the Techvibes Massive 2005 conference. Although I attended 4 speaker sessions, I really only took notes for one of them. I did record audio of all 4 and will post them up likely tomorrow. The notes I took mostly involve my impressions of Roman Bondarchuk’s talk entitled “The Future of Database Marketing using Web and Email”. Roman is the CEO of a company called N5R.

Dry sounding title but a pretty earthshattering concept. In the age of the Internet, at long last, businesses are able to almost perfectly match people to products. We are able to sell stuff without making people angry about unwanted mail, telemarketing calls at dinner, and unwanted emails about body part enhancement. More important, we are able to make people feel special.