Vancouver Beercasting Squad Round 003 – Subeez Cafe, March 30th

BeerCasting 104

Last night we pulled another beercast! Here’s the links to the episodes.

The New Fashion: Body Modification and Plastic Surgery
If you were to trust the TV shows and magazine ads, it seems that everyone’s perfectly fit, well endowed, and charming. Of course, today you don’t need to be born with it, you can buy it. Leagues of people are now turning to piercings, body modification and plastic surgery to get the exact look THEY WANT. Do you have any form of body modification? What compelled you to do it? Would you consider form of modification?

Down In Da Club
Why do men go to clubs, to pickup ladies? To get sex? Why do women go to clubs, to meet men? To get free drinks? Do you ever go for the music?

Is There Such A Thing As Canadian Culture?
Canada is often ridiculed for not having its own identity and for being, well, America Jr. Many people are quite happy with that moniker, but naturally there’s many more that hold on to their uniqueness – even those things that make them “Canadian”. Does Canada have a culture? How would you define Canadian culture?

Right To Love, Right To Live
The sad story of Terri Schiavo has set the United States, and in many ways, the world stage, on its heels. Though no on every wishes to see pain and suffering inflicted on another, there are often circumstances where that is inevitable. Terri’s case has brought many people out of the woodowrk either in support or against a variety and controversial set of patients and human rights. What’s your opinion on the situation with Terri Schiavo? Do you think the media has done a good or bad job covering the case? Are you planning to prepare Living Will, Health Proxy or other coverage? What’s would be your personal preference, if you fell ill in a similar situation?

BeerCasting 113

Thanks so much guys for coming out. This is getting fun. *We are* the Vancouver beercasting squad. (I’d don’t control the loud obvoxious ads Greg puts on these files… but I guess it’s supposed to pay for the beer eventually!!) Participants were….

Richard Eriksson –
Michael Tippet –
Ianiv Schaeber –
Arieanna Foley –
Will Whittaker –
John Goodall –
Darren Inouye –
Arjun Singh –
Will Pate –
Gillian Gunson –
Roland Tanglao –
Boris Mann –
Andrew Jones –
Joshua Dunford –
Andrew Dunford
Mona Elesseily
Ean Jackson

Stay tuned…. we’re gonna do more of these. Come out and join us.