GoodBasic and Bryght Selected as Approved Vendors for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver

Many of you know I’ve been working with Bryght lately… a technology startup here in Vancouver. Today we recieved a letter of confirmation stating that GoodBasic and Bryght have been selected as approved vendors of weblog services for the 2010 Winter Olympics to be held in Whistler and Vancouver.

Here’a a photo of showing off the letter.

We would have got it sooner but Boland hadn’t checked the mail recently…. we’re just getting settled in our new office. We’re excited at the prospect of working with other people like Will and Darren (who also got selected) on projects related to the games. This dovetails in nicely with a project I kicked off this weekend covering news and providing info about the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Currently, with the games 5 years away, most of the news has been on the business of the games (jobs, contracts, developments) and less on the sports, but we’ll see that change as we get closer to the big event. The design of that site was put together by our friends and partners over at RainCity Studios and features a bunch of my recent photos from the Vancouver area. Anway, congrat guys, this should be fun. 🙂

Here’s Will’s thoughts

“So what should I do to prepare? There must be some sort of training routine that I can begin to make me a buff blog consultant. Ping-ups? Script-downs? Googling with my toes? Meme sprints? Perhaps some timed podcasts? Ok, I’ll stop now. ”