Vancouver Beercasting Squad Round 004 – Subeez Cafe, April 21st

Good news to those who are wanting to try out podcasting with the Vancouver BeerCasting Squad. The next date has been set. We plan to get together again at Subeez on April 21st at 6pm for good conversation, yummy food/drinks and general geekery. It’s been a lot of fun so far. Last time we had 20+ people out and the group is getting more diverse each time we broadcast. Here’s a link to the other 2 BeerCasting events we’ve held at Subeez lately. (March 16th BeerCast, March 31st BeerCast)

Vancouver BeerCasting Squad Round 4
April 21st, 2005
Subeez Cafe

We’re taking topic ideas beforehand. If you have any suggestions of ideas, topics, thoughts, coverstations you’d like to see discussed at the next BeerCast please let me know. Hope to see you there!

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