Minutes Before the IDSA Western Confernce Kick-Off

Well, the wireless is sketchy, several hundred of us are sharing a couple power outlets, and we’re an hour behind schedule already…. but I’m stoked to be here nonetheless. Tonight is the kick-off of the Industrial Designers Society of America‘s annual western conference in Vancouver BC. I’m here at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design on Granville Island and the keynote will begin here any moment. I spent the afternoon walking around the campus, visiting the IDSA exhibit hall and chatting with other attendees.

Industrial Design Conference - Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design Vancouver BC

The crowd seems to be made up of a lot of 3d modelers and illustrators and the hot booth is definitely the Alias/Wacom space where they have two 20inch Wacom tablet touch sensitive flat screen monitors running Alias’ special drawing software. It’s pretty hot. The artist who is demoing the gear is really good and can bust out a 3d sketch of nearly anything in about 10 seconds flat. Their booth and demo made me want their tech!

Anyway, there will be some time lag unfortunately between my photos and posts and them being uploaded due to technical difficulties, but hopefully by tomorrow AM when it gets hot and heavy all those issues will be cleared up. If you are at the conference here, please say hi… or leave a note in the comments. I’m looking forward to seeing who is reading this. Anyone in particular you guys want me to speak to? I brought the podcasting gear so I can do some interviews if I meet some interesting people.