Ilanaaq – The Emblem for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

Ilanaaq, the emblem for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, was unveiled tonight at Imagine 2010 in Vancouver.

Ilanaaq the 2010 Vancouver Olympics Logo

What do you think of the mark? Love it? Don’t? Leave a comment! The press release states that it’s a symbol of friendship, hospitality, strength and teamwork. My intial reaction was that I really like it. The colors work for me and it’s shape is nice, but I find her head a little funny. I also think she works better small than large. She is very human tho and has a lot of personality.

Do you think it feels Canadian to you? One of the reporters at the press conference tonight complained that Canada had one chance at the Olympics and we already blew it by not using the maple leaf.

It’s a stylized version of a inukshuk, a traditional stone sculpture used by Canada’s Inuit people. Some people think it looks like a hockey goalie. Some people think it looks like the head is a internet chat icon.

Not a lot of logos have names, but this one is special. The word Ilanaaq is Inuit for friend. It’s pronounced (“ih-lah-nawk”).

The logo was designed by Rivera Design Group in Vancouver. (URL?) It was chosen from 1600 entries in a contest that was officially protested by the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada.