RSS Reading Strategies from the Pros

So what’s my reading strategy? My searches are first. I always look at my key PubSub, etc searches. These help me stay on top of the things I’m most concerned about (and moose, aren’t one of them, BTW). Then I usually zip to my favs. I update several times a day…mostly to make sure I don’t miss cool breaking news for some of my clients.

All this being said I’ve had to start doing two things. I now have wipe-off two month calendar right behind my laptop (i.e. right in front of me @ eye level) as my editorial calendar. And I’m stocking both Scrapbook and PersonalBrain with post ideas for clients and myself. I just have too much to track not to now. And as I hope to be writing more for other outlets too…it makes sense to start developing these habits now, before I’m missing deadlines–or at least not too many deadlines.