URL ABC’s Meme

Meme’s like this don’t usually interest me, but this one caught my attention and gave me the chance to link to some things you should know about.

A is for Abject Learning – Brian Lamb’s blog.
B is for Bryght – Drink the Kool-Aid baby!
C is for Core77 – Design, design, design.
D is for Del.icio.us – Social bookmarking for the masses.
E is for Electrolicious – The daily affirmations of a word mercenary.
F is for Feedburner – One of those free tools I use many times a day.
G is for Gillianic Tendencies – I can believe some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth!
H is for How To Do Stuff – DIY everything.
I is for IT Conversations – Pretty much my favorite technology podcast.
J is for JustAGwaiLo – Master of nuance.
K is for *reserved*
L is for Lance Tracey– “Reality checks never bounce”.
M is for Mind Of The Photographer – Daily photo philosophy.
N is for Niall Kennedy – Mr Community’s weblog.
O is for Orthodox Anarchist – Mobius throwin’ down in J-town.
P is for PenMachine.com – good Vancouver blog.
Q is for Quiplash – Prairie boy makes good.
R is for Robert Scoble – ‘Cause I’ve been looking for a place to drop his name and ask him when he’s coming back to Vancouver.
S is for Scobleized! – ‘Cause 2 links are better than 1. 😛
T is for Troy Angrignon – Adventure capitalist.
U is for UrbanVancouver.com – Vancouver’s citizen journalism project.
V is for VanEats.com – Roland Tanglao’s foodie blog.
W is for WillPate.org – The Canadian Jason Kottke.
X is for Xanga – Darkweb for people with lives.
Y is for Y360! – Everyone talks crap now, but Flickr integration is gonna blow the doors off. Bring it!
Z is for I’m not gonna go out and find some site that starts with a Z just to finish the list. I got nothing here.