Song of the Azalea Book Launch Photos

Here are a couple photos and an exceprt from Kenneth Ore’s post about the event. The rest of the photos can be found here. A review of the book Song of the Azalea by Kenneth Ore can be found at the Paper Tiger.

Update May 1 [translation by Kenneth]:
Song of the Azalea book launch successfully completed. Guests came around 11 am at the Richmond Centre. Also there were many people who passed by our poster board, looking at the photos and articles and some bought the book. Guests discussed with me about the history of that era. Many concerned when the chinese version will be published. A few guests came late, just before the mall closing, to buy the book. I thank my friends and guests for coming.”

4-30-05 280

4-30-05 489

4-30-05 644

4-30-05 544

Thanks for having me out guys. It was great to meet you all face to face finally. 🙂 I enjoyed myself and look forward to reading the book.