Today’s Special Photoshoot with Chantelle Bousquet and Jessie Harris

I've worked with Jessie Harris once before on the Made In Vancouver photoshoot with Margaret Torgerson and he was great. That time I called him. This time around Jessie lined up a model and friend of his, Chantelle Bousquet, and asked Static to do a shoot of them. With help of the styling team of Read More …

Evan Biddell Photoshoot

Bids made some new jackets for El Kartel and hired me to come shoot Kimberly Nelson and Lauren Glazier wearing them. Check out the rest of the pics on Flickr. (Cross-posted from my Hardcore Superstar Photoshoot post over at Static Photography.) (Cross-posted from my Evan Biddell Photoshoot post over at Static Photography.)