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I believe in the power of connection. For me, it’s not just about revealing moments through photographs or managing social media feeds. It’s about weaving a story… a patchwork quilt of creative awesomeness.

It’s about fostering relationships and building communities that resonate today, and over the long-run. I’ve got a tailored suite of services designed to exceed the expectations of events, startups, nonprofits, and diverse organizations.

Anytime I see Kris at a conference, camera in hand, my heart lifts a little – partly at the prospect of a cheerful, laid-back greeting, but also because I know that in a few short hours, I’ll be enjoying another stream of engaging, provocative and just plain fun images from this astonishingly talented guy. Seeing the event through Kris’ eyes is like doing it all over again… only better.

Stewart Butterfield, Slack

Why Choose Me?

  • Holistic Approach: I transcend the conventional bounds of event photography, activations, and social media management by adopting a comprehensive 360° strategy tailored to fulfill your digital aspirations.
  • Quality & Expertise: As the guiding force and visionary behind my collective, I personally ensure that each pixel and every post is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.
  • Community Builders: Engagement is at the heart of what we do. I don’t merely create content; my team and I foster genuine connections, making certain that your narrative not only reaches but also profoundly resonates with your audience.
Kris Krug’s ‘Digital Engagement & Community Growth’ workshop for Seattle Cancer Care Alliance marketing team: Weaving stories, fostering relationships, and crafting powerful digital connections tailored to resonate with diverse organizations.

Discover Our Services

From high-caliber photos and videos to active community engagement and expert social media strategies, dive into our diverse offerings and see how we can elevate your digital presence.

“He’s the ultimate multitasker; as I watch him now at a conference, he’s photographing a panel, coordinating the reception, presenting next, interacting warmly with everyone, and simultaneously uploading and commenting on Instagram and TikTok. I’m convinced there must be multiple versions of him, and each one is outstanding!”

Jason Preston, Dent

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