Techartist, quasi-sage, cyberpunk anti-hero from the future.

My name is Kris Krug – a boundary-pushing creative explorer, an intuitive tech whisperer, and a tenacious culture hacker. In the fabric of the digital era, where technology often overshadows humanity, I’ve taken it upon myself to chart a different course.

I’m on a relentless mission to humanize technology, to infuse it with empathy, ethics, and emotion.

I’m not just tinkering with gadgets and algorithms; I’m reprogramming the very core of our interactions with the digital world to resonate with the heartbeat of human experience.

Kris Krug

But that’s only part of my mission. I’m also in the ring, gloves on, ready to battle the creeping villain of apathy that threatens to numb our society. I challenge indifference with passion, confront disconnection with engagement, and replace the passive consumption of media with active creation.

I stand firm in the belief that art shouldn’t be a rarefied luxury, but a common language for all. By democratizing art, I aim to unlock a universal creative potential. Art is a right, not a privilege, and I strive to make it accessible to everyone, everywhere – breaking down the walls that confine creativity to the few.

In parallel, I’m a champion of communities, believing in the colossal power of collective action. Empowering communities is not just about giving a voice to the voiceless; it’s about amplifying that voice until it echoes across the globe. It’s about lighting a fire in every individual to contribute, connect, and collaborate.

And then there’s sustainability – the drumbeat to which I sync my work and life. Championing sustainability for me means more than just advocating for green policies; it’s about instilling a mindset of longevity and respect for the resources we share. From digital footprints to carbon footprints, I’m dedicated to a vision of the future where technology and ecology dance in harmony, not discord.

In every keystroke, lens snap, and conversation, I’m driven by these core tenets. As Kris Krug, my identity is wrapped in the relentless pursuit of these ideals, forging a path for others to follow into a future where technology, creativity, and humanity converge in a symphony of progress.

Taking a break from online organizing and social media wrangling world to hangout backstage at Tune User Conference with Malcolm Gladwell
Hosted an “Open Everything: The Future of Online Community & Digital Media” with Daryl Hannah at United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP15 inCopenhagen, Denmark.
Making photographs and videos for WE Day founders backstage with Mikhail Gorbachev the eighth and final leader of the Soviet Union.
Presenting “What The AIDS Movement Can Learn From the Climate Movement About Online Engagment” at the UN’s Global Youth Summit on HIV/AIDS in Bamako, Mali, Africa with Mette-Marit, Crown Princess of Norway
Trailer Park Boys meet kk at South By Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas.
Making TikToks w/ Post Malone at the Grammy Awards in LA.
Me & childhood hero Rodney Mullen the skateboarder who invented the ollie at ideas festival PopTech in Camden, Maine.
Walking the red carpet with artist Roy Henry Vickers and Chief Ted Walkus where Roy was up for a Grammy for
I have to (sheepishly) admit that I’m a huge Stargate SG-1 fan and iI feel so lucky to have given a workshop with Amanda Tapping at New Media BC’s VidFest 2007.

Click here for a partial list of talks I’ve given.


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