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My name is Kris Krug – a boundary-pushing Creative Explorer, an intuitive Tech Whisperer, and a tenacious Culture Hacker. In the fabric of the digital era, where technology often overshadows humanity, I’ve taken it upon myself to chart a different course. I’m on a relentless mission to humanize technology, to infuse it with empathy, ethics, and emotion. I’m not just tinkering with gadgets and algorithms; I’m reprogramming the very core of our interactions with the digital world to resonate with the heartbeat of human experience.

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I’d Like to Be You Next Podcast Guest

Looking for a guest who embodies the intersection of art, technology, and community? Meet Kris Krüg, an accomplished photographer, fervent open-source advocate, and pioneering digital strategist based in Vancouver.

Why Kris Stands Out:

  • TED Talks Photographer: Captured iconic figures like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Richard Branson, and more. His eye for storytelling through visuals is unparalleled.
  • 130,000+ Creative Commons Photos: His robust photography archive is a community asset that fuels both nonprofit initiatives and his own commercial projects.
  • Digital Pioneer: With a finger on the pulse of emerging tech trends, Kris navigates the evolving landscape of digital marketing, focusing on human-centric approaches.

Core Philosophies:

  • Openness: A stalwart advocate for open-source technologies and transparent communication, Kris believes in the power of shared knowledge and collective problem-solving.
  • Marketing: Kris eschews the traditional numbers game in favor of a more compassionate, adaptive digital strategy.
  • Community: He’s not just talking about community; he’s building it—through grassroots projects that foster meaningful connections.
  • Personal Branding: Authenticity is at the heart of Kris’s brand, a multidimensional reflection of his skills in photography, tech, and community engagement.
  • Interdisciplinary Expertise: Where art meets tech, you’ll find Kris—seamlessly transitioning between multiple roles and demonstrating how creativity enhances innovation.

Your audience will walk away not just informed, but inspired and equipped with actionable insights they can implement in their own lives.

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Contact Kris to explore collaboration opportunities and to make your next podcast episode a captivating experience your audience won’t forget.