A search for “Flaming Lips” brought me to KK , his friends and one of the best ever photos of the band. KK’s photos have also acted as the portal for my children and my studies on degrees of separation, community and its evolution. KK is also an excellent example of the importance of ones name. Continue to live big Kris… the next generation is watching.” — Danie Peace

Anytime I see Kris at a conference, camera in hand, my heart lifts a little – partly at the prospect of a cheerful, laid-back greeting, but also because I know that in a few short hours, I’ll be enjoying another stream of engaging, provocative and just plain fun images from this astonishingly talented guy. Seeing the event through Kris’ eyes is like doing it all over again… only better.” — Rob Cottingham

A lesson in ‘getting stuff done’, kris is one of those people who seems to make the impossible possible – and manages to keep a few cards up his sleeve in the process.” — Joshua Dunford, BURNKIT

Kris is many things to many people. He gives good friend. He gives good birthday. He gives good debate, good gnomedex, good podcast, good video, good advice, good vancouver, good sxsw, and good revolution. Some say Canada is the new black. I say it’s Kris.” — Corey Dennis

Not pretentious but genuinely connected. Kris brings out the best in others and connects those around him. He seems to see through the difficult exteriors and leaves a calling card at your doorstep.” — Benjamin Random

Kris really has a way with people photos. His fashion shots are top notch and extremely creative — one of a kind. And from what I hear, he’s very professional and works well with models. Photographing people is probably one of the more difficult aspects of photography to master, and Kris is well on his way to becoming one of the greats. His photos capture a sense of mood and emotion that you typically don’t see out there. In addition to his photos, he’s a really nice guy and very personable. I get the impression that he’s the type of guy that can strike up a conversation with just about anybody.” — Brian Auer

I am not sure how does he do everything in the same time: i am right now watching him on the conference where he is taking photos, organizing conference, giving presentation, being nice to everyone and uploading and commenting on flickr, all in the same time. I am sure there are few of Krises floating around and they are all excellent!” — Novak Rogic

Kris takes breathtaking, lyrical and gorgeous pictures.” — Claudine Co

Kris is unstoppable, except by large objects too heavy to move.” — Stephanie Vacher