Photography Tips and Resolutions for 2006

The Other Shooters

I came accross a great list of New Year’s Resolutions for photographers by Bob Johnson over at one of my favorite photography blogs, Earthbound Light. Check out the list, I’m definately going to be trying to work some of these into my 2006.

* Actually read the manual for your camera.
* Learn to use the lenses you already have rather than buying more.
* Buy a new lens.
* Take a photography class or workshop.
* Take a Photoshop class.
* Join a photo club.
* Use your tripod more often.
* Learn to spot meter and use manual exposure.
* Shoot things in both horizontal and vertical.
* Convert to digital.
* Start shooting raw instead of jpeg.
* Learn to use adjustment layers.
* Learn to use color management.
* Set up your own website.
* Organize your images.
* Register the copyright for your photographs.
* Find a new place to photograph.
* Explore a well known location all over again.
* Take more pictures.

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