Torino 2006 Winter Olympics Check-In

British Columbia Canada PlaceI’ve been in Italy for 3 days now and am starting to finally get caught-up on some of my posting. Long days and long nights is the way we roll and I’ve been getting a lil backlogged on posting the many things we’ve been involved with. I have a few minutes and want to point you guys to a few of the things you should check out.

First, our symposium on the Olympics and Web 2.0 is tomorrow and it’s going to be awesome. Andy is here, many many media people will be be attending and we’re going to be lucky if we can fit everyone inside the venue we have reserved inside BC Canada Place here in Torino. Here’s the overview of the event.

The Olympics and Web 2.0

Friday, February 17th, 2006
BC Canada Place, Torino, Italia

Join Bryght and Raincity Studios in Torino for a half-day symposium in BC Canada Place in Torino exploring the intersection of sports and web 2.0. Chaired by Andy Miah and Kris Krug this event aims to explore how changes in technology and the internet are influencing media and the coverage of the games. Topics to be discussed include citizen journalism, the decentralisation of media power, user generated content, mobile devices and applications and open-source software.

Presenters include Boris Mann, Andy Miah, and Robert Scales.

Sign-up today to attend the event. 


The best way to follow along with our trip is going to be to check out Scales, Boris, and my Flickr photostreams. I’ve also created a Torino 2006 set over Flickr. We’ve also been uploading videos to (kk @ YouTube, Scales @ YouTube, Boris @ YouTube) as often as we have solid connectivity to the internet… which has been pretty sketchy in general.

Here’s an interview with the Hudson Bay company design and retail team that I did at an Italian resturant the other night. It’s been super popular on YouTube, getting a hundred views in the first hour or so it was on the web. The beautiful blonde sitting next to me is a 3 time Canadian olympic swimmer… but I forgot her name. 🙁