Gmail, Plaxo, and LinkedIn

Google launched a cool new service called Gmail. I’ve landed a beta account and it seems pretty hot. You get 1000megs of space vs. MSN Hotmails 2megs making it an actually useful mailbox. It’s pretty interesting how it turns back and forth barrage of short emails into threads or ‘conversations’. It also takes advantage of Google search technology to keep my email life organized. I’ve set up my address to forward there. Gmail would be really cool though if you could POP several accounts like you can over at Hotmail where I had been popping my old TWU mail, my Burnkit mail, and my mail. Anyway, I’m hooked. Checked it out when it becomes generally available.

I’ve also been expiramenting with this other online networking tool called LinkedIn. I got turned onto it from a good friend, Ean Jackson, in Vancouver who always seems to be on the cutting edge of this type of thing… he got me up and running on Plaxo too. It kinda seems like Friendster but for business contacts. You upload information about yourself and your professional experience and jobs you’ve held. People who have worked with you in the past can write testimonials or references. It’s kinda fun to mess with and a good way to ‘practice’ marketing oneself, but I’m still skeptical that I’ll get any good job leads or new contacts from it… we’ll see. Lemme know if any of you guys sign up and I’ll write you up a little reference and beg you for one for me as well. 😛 Here’s my work-in-progress page.