Supermodel Personal Ads

Here are a few of my favs… check Tara’s site for the latest and greatest.

Adorable ski-bunny needs someone to keep me warm. I don’t really snowboard, but look how cute I am in this furry vest! Besides, snowboarders have all the good weed hook-ups. – xxx

Exotic beauty wants someone who can love me for me- I’m slightly crazy, so I’m down with pretty much anything. Drugs? OK. Your friends want to watch? That’s OK too. Please, no more lonely nights sprawled across the piano, singing Fiona Apple covers, and getting drunk alone. – xxx

Runaway from Ohio, hoping to make it big in Hollywood. You may have seen me hanging out in the parking lots of places where famous people go, hoping to trade blow jobs for a walk-on part in Malcolm In The Middle. I’m willing to do whatever it takes because, let’s face it, I can barely read and don’t know how to use a computer so in a couple months I’ll be doing porn anyway. – xxx

Former Survivor castaway, turned topless model / reporter for Wild On… enjoys getting drunk and making bad decisions. I’m looking for the type of guy who pages me 20 times a day, and starts fights with anyone who stares at me. I have no tan lines, or hangups about doing it on film. – xxx

The little blogger girl. Cheerleader, honors student, and I’m in a band! I tell my parents I’m a virgin, but the truth is I sneak out at nights to party with cholos, and the secrets to my good grades are diet pills, and having given a handjob to the vice principal. – xxx

Once upon a time, I was a young girl who wanted to be a nurse. Now I’m the star of Nurse Nellie Takes It Up The Ass, Part Five. It’s funny how dreams come true… sort of. – xxx