*spark-online Version 2.0 Brainstorming

Lots of you are probably already involved and helping out, but for those of you who aren’t, we’re in the process of breathing some life back into *spark-online. We’re really early in the game so far, but here are a couple highlights.

+ We’ve selected WordPress as our publishing platform.
+ We’ve begun to port the archived articles from their old format into WordPress.
+ We’ve not spent ANY time on design yet. That will come later.
+ We’re trying to figure out how often to publish.

If you’ve been involved writing or editing for *spark-online in the past, and you’re not involved already, just drop by and create an account and dive in. We’d love to have you and there is plenty of heavy lifting to be done before we can start publishing new content again.

Thanks to everyone who has been helped out so far. It’s great to be collaborating with you guys again.

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