The Future of Publishing Conference

Stop advertising, start doing!

The move from branding to blogging may be daunting for traditional advertisers, but it creates a myriad of exciting opportunities for forward-thinking business leaders, publishers, and people with a story to tell.

For decades, traditional mass media has been the best mechanism for connecting companies with consumers. However, as new media usurps mass media, traditional approaches to publishing and storytelling are no longer the only solution.

As publishing moves to new media platforms such as the Web and mobile phones, the ways that we connect with customers, colleagues, readers, and each other will continue to change. Tomorrow’s book publishers may choose to help students study for tests by sending sample test questions to their mobile phones and enabling virtual study groups, while at the same time those students are using the Web to publish their own study guides.

This shifting media landscape means that today’s leaders, educators, and communicators must re-examine their ability to connect with consumers, and look for new ways to reach people in an environment characterized by personal media platforms and one-to-one communication.