Top 10 Marketing Initiatives for Civic Space

We had an awesome case study session today with Jason Mogus from Communicopea and Andrew Hoppin of Civic Space here at Web of Change on Cortes Island. The premise of the conversation was what can CivicSpace do to improve their marketing and evangelism efforts and many of the suggestion apply directly to Bryght and Drupal too. Here’s the tips the room gave on how to move forward with communications, marketing and messaging.

Web of Change

1) Build CivicSpace as a brand. Solve the identity crisis and resolve the Drupal/CivicSpace confusion in the market.
2) Gather and post user/client testimonials. Who is using it and why?
3) Usability – needs some usability love and so does that product.
4) Create more links and emphasis on the CivicSpace/Drupal consultant and vendor community.
5) Create an ecosystem of suppliers and vendors around the platform.
6) List the desireable features and functions front and center on the website.
7) Create a training and certification program to designate qualified ‘resellers’ and consultants.
8) Create more install wizards.
9) Develop marketing collatorel and sales sheets as well as other print documenation.
10) The Dean story plays well with users and adopters of the platform. Focus on it.