Quickie Web 2.0 Conference Post

I’m here at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco. Lots of interesting stuff going on. I’m just between sessions and thought I’d drop a few quick notes.

* Cool to see the Vancouver crowd representin’ – Will Pate, David Gratton, Andre Charland, Lori Pike and token YVR boy Termie. Six oh four in da hizzy.

kk+, termie, and willpate.org

* Thx to Schlomo for openin’ up the House of Shields and takin me by for a lil geek out session at lunch.

* I’m going to be crossing a bunch of peeps off my 43people after this conference. Still lookin’ for Richard MacManus.

* 13 ‘companies are going to be launched here in the next 90 minutes. Including Flock. Should be awesome. Also, SocialText is about to lauch their going open source.

More later.