Beijing Trip Mentioned in Vancouver Sun Article About Business Opportunities in China

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On Thursday I leave for China with Robert Scales to attend the China Access 2008 "What is Your China Strategy?" Forum in Beijing and it's starting to get to crunch time. I worked through much of the weekend catching up on email and Bryght projects and cleaning up my hardrives and disks to make room for all the media we're going to make while on the road. I also bought some fancy new clothes for our meetings, stocked up on expired slide film, packed my backpack (and posted it to Flickr to make sure I didn't forget anything ), and read travel guides for China and Thailand cover to cover.

Vancouver Sun Writes About Our China TripThis morning, the Vancouver Sun ran an article about doing business in China and the China Access Business Forum taking place tomorrow in Vancouver and featured quotes by our partners Andrew Gilkes and Rashid Ahmed as well as a lil blurb by me…

"Vancouver-based new media partners Bryght and Raincity Studios, which are working with China Access 2008, also see opportunities at the Beijing Olympics for BC's technology companies.

"We think there's a huge market opportunity for us to do work with Chinese Internet service providers, and Chinese hosts and Chinese web development shops," said Kris Krug of Bryght.

He added that a presence at the Beijing Games will also help Bryght and Raincity Studios prepare for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and Whistler.

"We have an interest in learning as much as we can [at the Beijing Games] so that we can find out what companies and teams and countries are looking to do online around the 2010 Olympics," Krug said."

Here's a cool link to an audio transcript of the Vancouver Sun article… neat!

Thanks to Megan Cole from Raincity on her help securing the interview and Petrina the Intern and the rest of the Bryght cew who have helped out with planning and logistics and support while I'm out and generally making this opportunity a reality. 🙂