Videoblogs from China!

Well, today is the first day I’ve woke up and not felt jetlagged. I’m still seriously playing catchup… between being out for a couple weeks at Bryght and then going to Vidfest immediately upon my return I’ve been completely snowed in! I’m also supposed to be at the World Urban Forum this week taking place here in Vancouver but alas, my media badge sits over there unused as I can only be so many places at once.

Anyway, here’s are some vlogs from my China trip that have been up on YouTube for a few days but that I hadn’t had a chance to post over here yet. Enjoy, and lets just try to forget about the whole getting naked thing. Pls. Thx! 🙂

Climbing The Great Wall of China

Post Nudity Chillout Vlog on the Great Wall of China

Good Morning Internets!

kk+ Scales and Sandy on the Back of the Bus

I Love Your Country!

China Access 2008 Videoblog 001

China Access 2008 Vlog 002 – Andrew Gilkes

China Access 2008 Vlog 003

China Access 2008 Vlog 004 – David Wong

Scales and kk+ at the Internation Business Forum in Beijing