Gnomedex 6

Gnomedex Wall of LoveLast week the Bryght guys went down to Seattle for our second Gnomedex in Seattle put on by friends Chris and Ponzi. We saw lots of our geek peeps and a great time was had by all. The event was keynoted by John Edwards who was there to make connections with the blogging community and hear and learn about technology (I got my pic taken with him by Ted Leung backstage… w00t!).

My favorite talks were by Ethan Kaplan and Philip Kaplan (not related). Ethan works at Warner Brothers Records and talked about the future of music and the sales/marketing/distribution machine that propels it. Phillip runs AdBright and started FuckedCompany and gave an engaging chat about promotions and building buzz.
Gnomedex - 18.jpg
Media was created, products and companies were launched, and connections were made. Check out my photoset on Flickr as well as the Gnomedex tag. Boris and I got interviewed by the Lipgloss and Laptops girls and the episode turned out pretty funny… Boris going on about his hair and me getting nailed with questions about my China exploits and personal grooming habits. *blush*

Thanks to Chris and Ponzi for an awesome event and all their hospitality. I love it that you guys liked last years photos enough to use them so prominently and hopefully you'll find some more this time around. And thx so much for the awesome Robosapien… my daughter Sierra loves him!
Experience Music Project Party
It was so fun to see great old peeps like Eric, Chris, Tara, Will, Marc, Alex, Bre, Matt, Captain AJAX, Dave-O, Jay, Derek and Air, Ted and Julie as well as meet new ones like Corey, PUD, Ben, John, and Kosso.

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