Who’s Coming to PhotoCamp at Northern Voice?

(Cross-posted from my fashion photography blog over at www.staticphotography.com)

PhotoCamp at Barcamp ShanghaiThis is a very exciting week for me as I prep with the rest of the organizing team for Northern Voice 2007 and MooseCamp.. I'm going to be leading a PhotoCamp as a part of the event and am wondering who else will be there?

Didja catch all that? I know it's a lot… here's a couple quick descriptions.

Northern Voice – Vancouver's 3rd annual personal publishing conference held out at UBC. Saturday, February 24th @ UBC.

MooseCamp – the first day of Northern Voice is a self-organizing 'unconference in the style of BarCamp. Friday, February 23rd @ UBC.

PhotoCamp – the session at MooseCamp that I am pulling together focused on photography and collaboratively presented by the many talented photographers attending Northern Voice.

So far I know that Matt Trentacoste, Warwick Patterson, Bre Pettis and Evan Lesson plan on giving workshops at Photocamp… and that good buddies Robert Scoble and Scott Beale will be on hand for the event… but I'd love to know who else is coming and if you have something you'd like to talk about? Drop me an email or post to your blog and I'll get you on the agenda.