Austin Invasion: SXSW is Just Around the Corner

h00r4tWith Northern Voice behind me it’s time to finalize preperations for my trip to Austin Texas for SXSW (thats South by Southwest for the uninitiated) 2007.

Last year SXSW was huge for us at Bryght. We had a booth, thew a great party with Raincity, Blue Flavor and NewsVine, and drummed up a bunch of great Drupal development and consulting gigs. Since last year we’ve worked on lots of online community projects including the one for Warner Brothers Records and are excited to mix it up again with music industry moguls down in Texas.

This year will be more of the same with the exception that I’ll be speaking on panel this year. The first panel of the whole conference in fact! Alex Williams, Corey Dennis and I are working together to present the talk “Snakes on A Mother Fuckin Plane“. Raincity will have a booth this year and Bryght will have a presence in it. Come find me in booth J5 during exhibition hours.

I’m trying to keep track of all the extracurricular activities that I’ll be participating in over at Of particular interest is this years South by Northwest party throw by Byght, RCS, and Blue Flavor as well as the Yahoo BarTab party featuring Flickr, MyBlogLog, Upcoming, Bix, Pipes, etc etc..

I took a bunch of pics last year including some great ones of the Flaming Lips. I’m super excited to get out and about with my cameras again this year and see what I can capture. 🙂

I’m super excited and have lots to do before I leave next Friday. If you’re gonna be there and wanna hang out make sure you drop me a line and let’s plan to meetup!

(photo by Trevor Brady)

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