What do you do when someone lets you evaluate a product, & wants you to write about, & the product sucks, & the person is your friend?

Having a blast here at SXSW with the awesome kids from Social Media Club. We’re staying at a palatial mansion on Lake Austin lovingly known as the Social Media Clubhouse. Lots of friends have been by and we’ve been having a blast both layin low out here by the lake and takin the Social Media Clubhouse bus into town for the myriad concerts and parties takin place all over Austin.


Apparently the organizers did a great job wrangling sponors for this event and I can see why. They’ve been streaming multiple shows, podcasts, and videoblogs outta this place for audiences all over the world. It feels like a beautiful geeked-out coworking environment, the have fast fast internet and tons of media is getting made here everyday. No wonder companies like Molson Canadian, Moonfruit, Awareness, Intel & other have wanted to get behind & facilitate a fun think-tank-like atmosphere for journalists and bloggers and others to enjoy Austin away from the downtown craziness.


Awkwardness arose a little today as I was asked to write about a mobile internet device I had been given to evaluate while here called MID by Viliv. When I was first handed the device my eyes lit up. Wow, fun new geek toys to play with. It’s got a camera, touchscreen, 3g, wifi, and lotsa other bells and whistles. Trouble was when I turned it on I got a strange virus message. I exited outta the screens about the virus and tried multiple times to connect the thing to the network that my laptop and phone were already connected to. No luck. In the hustle and bustle of the week I tried 2 more times and got the same results. *sigh* So unfortunately there it is… my review of the Viliv MID. I feel bad I didn’t have a better experience. Looks like an interesting hybrid device.

Bear Attack: kk+ Vs. Rony's Photo Booth

With that outta the way… I’m gonna go get my cameras ready and roll in for the Sub Pop Records showcase tonight here at SXSW. Yee haw! 🙂

4 thoughts on “What do you do when someone lets you evaluate a product, & wants you to write about, & the product sucks, & the person is your friend?”

  1. Lie. Thats what you do, you lie. Cus when you go sleepy, your friend might just loose his cool and play captain stabby. I dunno if youre aware or not, but captain stabby sucks waaay worse than any product your friend made.

    True story, my friends.


  2. interesting – reminds me of a long discussion we were having this week at shane gibson’s facebook page about the phrase “it’s not personal, it’s business.” i have a hunch that most people who commented would agree with xavier (although no mention was made there of stabbing 🙂

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