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Summer is here in Canada. I’ve been spending lots of time fishing and gardening out on Galiano Island… but a big part of my heart (and my photography studio) still live at The Waldorf Hotel in East Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.


East Van is well known for it’s rich cultural heritage including a rich homegrown DIY arts and activism scene that’s taught me lots of what I know about the world. *points at Public Dreams, Culture Crawl, Tribal Harmonix*

One of the projects coming out of East Van I’m the most excited about these days is This Is East Van. This Is East Van is a community art project focused on photography and has involved hundreds of local artists lead up by Erin Sinclair and Rob Forbes. Erin & Rob are motivated, inclusive & FANCY! Their work is top-notch and everyone involved is very proud to be included in the project.

THIS IS EAST VAN 2: Mini-Doc #1 from THIS IS EAST VAN on Vimeo.

“Much like the progressive community that is East Vancouver, the photos demonstrated the diversity of its people, art, design, food and architecture. It soon became clear that the THIS IS EAST VAN project was going to be a candid snapshot, an authentic glimpse, of this diverse neighborhood right now. Real images, by real people, in a very real, and vibrant community.”

The first book came out last year and the second one is just around the corner and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! 🙂

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