Preparation Under Way For South By Southwest 2014 in Austin, Texas

I’ve probably worn nearly every hat at South By Southwest over the past 10 years. Attendee, exhibitor, speaker, photographer & advisor. It’s one of my fav weeks of the whole year and the planning for ‘next year’ always starts as soon as ‘this year’ is over A great time to learn, party, see old friends & make new ones. I’ve really grown to love Austin and every year I arrive earlier and stay later. Maybe this year I’ll just rent a house for all of March!


Prep for 2014 is well under way. Over 4000 panel ideas have been submitted. Here’s a couple that I’ve helped propose that need community support and voting in order to make it on the agenda. There’s also an overview of a Think Tank Road Trip we proposed in conjunction with DDB. In addition to these proposed talks I’m also working with several rad clients on photography and social media documentation of their SXSW 2014 projects and campaigns. Past clients include Rolling Stone, Hootsuite, Dos Equis, PBS, Samsung, IEEE, LA Times & so many more. I’m stoked to see what the year has in store!


Thanks for checking out these panels and voting and if you have a submission online at the SXSW Panel Picker pls link to it in the comment section and I’ll check it out! 🙂

Panel Idea #001

Cyborgs, Cyberpunks, & Who Owns the Future (w/ Kurt Darydics & Amber Case)
Armed with a provocative set of questions from “Jaron Lanier’s” seminal book,”Who Owns the Future?”, participate in an irreverent panel discussion with a posse of cyborgs and cyberpunks about what’s possible for humanity as we explore the extension of our mental selves with wetware, invisible tech, & alternative digital currencies. – See more at:


Panel Idea #002

Down From The Cloud: Nostalgia in a Digital World (w Christine Murphy & Kole Hansen)
These days, our lives are taking place “in the cloud.” Experiences like music, TV, movies, maps, art, even quality time with friends or family are all happening online, leaving less and less for users to collect, touch/feel and use while they aren’t necessarily “plugged in.” – See more at:

Bonus // Extra Credit!!

Think Tank Road Trip to SXSW
The RV will serve as a “think tank” putting the great minds working in digital on display, facilitating thought provoking conversations, and forging new, unforgettable relationships. We will also seek to show industry professionals and publications what life looks like through the digital innovator lens.

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