Galiano Island’s New Outdoor Lifestyle Brand – King Fisher Apparel

For the past 5 years I’ve spent almost all my ‘downtime’ on the water w/ Galiano Island‘s Ryan McQuillan of Salish Sea Charters. We’ve developed a great friendship and spent copious of time fishing, exploring and making photos and videos of our adventures… much to the chagrin of local salmon.


On a typical day we’ll rise before dawn, make coffee & rustle up some snacks, and be on the water by the time the sun is peaking over the horizon. At this point the hours begin to melt away and bleed together in a mix of relaxation, inebriation, celebration and idea generation!

Seriously though, fishing is a good way to clear your mind. Once the mind is free of it’s normal duties managing responsibilities, commitments and survival… all sorts of interesting and creative things begin to bubble to the surface!

In our case, a lot of scheming and dreaming takes place between eagle attacks, fish bites, and orca sightings. We’ve dreamt and brainstormed ideas for a brewery, a hotel, a music festival, a farm, a retreat center, epic nautical excursions and about a thousand other good ideas.


At the core of all these ideas is wrestling with ways to build lives for ourselves that allow us to spend time outdoors, with peeps we care about, doing things we love while at the same time moving in the direction of our hopes and dreams… to own land, have families, travel, and give back to our communities.

Steeped in these dreams and conversations and birthed aboard a small fishing boat on the Salish Sea, Ryan and I are pleased to introduce you to Galiano Island’s new outdoor clothing and lifestyle brand… King Fisher Apparel. We’ve got the website up and are currently shipping gear worldwide.

King Fisher Apparel is the vision of two best friends and nature revolutionaries: Kris Krug, internationally-renowned photographer and fisherman, and ocean entrepreneur Captain Ryan McQuillan, founder of Salish Sea Charters. Living in the heart of the Pacific Northwest on gorgeous Galiano Island, they believe that the chilled out lifestyle of a true West Coast fisherman isn’t about running away from it all—it’s about embracing life to the fullest, being free, and feeling your connection to nature, your community, and to the world. King Fisher Apparel is about sharing a slice of paradise with everyone.

king-fisher-krisI’d love it if all my friends and family placed an order. I’ll send you a package full of love and inspiration in the mail! 🙂

Sun on your skin, open water, and fresh air are just a few of the perks of being an Island fisherman.

Being connected doesn’t have to mean being a slave to technology—me and Ryan want to deliver a piece of the laidback West Coast lifestyle right to your door, so you can be on be on the boat even if you’re at a desk, or relaxing at home.

Slipping on King Fisher Apparel means stepping right into the Pacific Northwest – where ever you are.

Are you hooked yet?