Upcoming Keynote: AI as a Creative Partner

Hey there, friends! It’s Kris Krüg, and I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be delivering the keynote presentation at the Canadian Society for Marketing Professional Services (CSMPS) Annual General Meeting on June 21, 2023. I’ll be discussing ‘Empowering Marketing Strategies Through AI’.

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In a recent conversation with Kevin W Kelley, I delved into how AI can revolutionize the way artists work and create. AI is a powerful tool that augments human creativity, allowing us to focus on our core pursuits by automating certain tasks. I’ve personally used AI algorithms for research, writing, and enhancing photographs with AI-powered tools.

At the CSMPS AGM, I’ll be extending these insights into the marketing sphere. AI is not just for artists – it has transformative potential in marketing too. We’ll explore the latest trends, tools, and strategies to drive creativity and effectiveness in our marketing campaigns with the help of AI.

With the upcoming Genius Machine Generative AI workshop series, I aim to introduce artists to AI tools and showcase their potential in various creative fields. The goal is to help fellow artists embrace AI as a creative partner, enhancing our ingenuity and artistic expression. But it’s not just about the benefits – we’ll also delve into the ethical considerations and challenges, ensuring that we approach AI with respect and understanding of its implications.

I understand that the growing influence of AI in the art and marketing worlds can raise concerns about originality, authenticity, and the role of human creativity. However, I believe that if we see AI as a tool to push our creative boundaries rather than a threat, we can unlock new levels of innovation and expression.

After the presentation, we’ll be unwinding with a social gathering courtesy of MCW Group of Companies – a perfect way to cap off a day of exploration and inspiration.

So, mark your calendars for the CSMPS AGM and the Genius Machine workshop series. Let’s reimagine the future of art and marketing together, harnessing the power of AI to elevate our creativity and inspire the world!

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