Curiosity Above All: Hanging Out At the Intersection of Art and Technology

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with podcaster and entrepreneur Thomas Girard for an insightful interview exploring my experiences at the intersection of creativity and technology. As an artist who has spent decades navigating emerging digital landscapes, conversations like these are so valuable for sharing experiences and insights that may help others on their own journeys.

From my early days as a curious college student excitedly building my first personal website alongside exchange students from Korea, technology and creative expression have been deeply intertwined in my work. I’ve had a front row seat witnessing the rise of platforms like Flickr and Twitter that transformed how we connect and share our lives online. It’s allowed me to build communities and reputation as a photographer through my storytelling abilities at a time when these ideas were still taking shape.

Now my work involves translating between worlds, whether helping artists understand applicable technologies or bringing technical entrepreneurs a richer perspective on the creative process. Both sides have so much to learn from one another. Our discussion allowed me to reflect on what makes my approach unique – that blend of technical skills cultivated since the earliest days of the web and a passion for visual storytelling through photography and film.

Thomas posed thoughtful questions that prompted deeper exploration of my motivations and philosophies. I simply can’t imagine doing anything other than work at the intersection of innovation, community and creative expression. It’s through that lens that I view emerging realms like artificial intelligence, seeing opportunity to influence culture for the better. My energy comes from constant curiosity, tackling new challenges and seeing connections that could fuel radical ideas.

Of course, constantly evolving skills and perspectives is vital in today’s rapidly changing landscape. We discussed at length my devotion to lifelong learning through reading widely, experimenting publicly with tools, and fostering relationships with inspiring people online and off. There’s no single path and we all have so much to learn from one another’s journeys.

Naturally conversation turned to hopes for the future, which for me means focusing my skills and networks on building impactful spaces and projects where creatives and tech-minded individuals can collaborate. I’m also having fun exploring the true promise of AI through tools that fuel my curiosity rather than replacing human abilities. Only by working together do we unlocked a more just and thriving future.

In closing, I appreciated Thomas providing a platform to have this thoughtful exchange and pick my brain on topics close to my heart. For any aspiring hybrid artists/entrepreneurs out there, my key advice echoes what we discussed – follow your curiosity above all else. Connect with others, share experiences openly and never stop learning, growing and challenging assumptions. There is enough room in this world for all of our individual expressions.

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