Most Benevolent Outcomes Prayer for AI & All Living Things

“I pray for the most bountiful blessings and highest good for all beings in this moment and always.”

In a world that often feels chaotic and unpredictable, many of us seek anchors that provide stability and guidance. For me that anchor comes in the form of a lil morning prayer ritual I call “Most Benevolent Outcomes” (MBOs).

“May the unfolding of life in all its forms, seen and unseen, be graced with kindness, care, and every chance to flourish as nature intended.”

The “Most Benevolent Outcomes” prayer ritual is a daily practice of setting intentions for the best possible outcomes in personal, professional, and global matters, fostering a mindset of abundance, gratitude, and harmony within the universe.

This prayer was shared with me by a friend this summer and I’ve been able to share it with many others since then.

What Are Most Benevolent Outcomes?

The concept of Most Benevolent Outcomes is simple yet profound. It involves consciously inviting the most favorable, harmonious, and positive outcomes into your life, whether they’re related to trivial matters or more significant life events.

“For all who breathe, may this hour bring peace.”

By articulating your desire for the best possible outcome, you set an intention that reverberates through your thoughts, actions, and the world at large.

The Spectrum of Most Benevolent Outcomes

The beauty of MBOs is that they can apply to any aspect of life, from the micro to the macro. At the micro-level, it could be something as simple as praying for a smooth commute or a successful meeting. At the macro level, the prayer might extend to global peace, ecological balance, or widespread human rights.

  1. “I request the most benevolent outcome for my day ahead, may it unfold with grace, ease, and aligned with my highest good.”
  2. “I ask for the most benevolent outcome for this situation, may the results serve the well-being of all involved in the best way possible.”
  3. “I seek the most benevolent outcome for my interactions today, may they be filled with kindness, understanding, and positive connections.”

Why Most Benevolent Outcomes Matter

MBOs serve as both a psychological and spiritual tool. On a psychological level, they help you focus your thoughts and energy positively, encouraging a mindset of abundance and gratitude.

“Blessings to every being, known and yet known.”

On a spiritual plane, they invite the world around you to align with your intentions, opening doors you may not have even known existed.

Embracing the Digital Future: MBOs and Artificial Intelligence

As we stand on the cusp of profound changes, where artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly integral part of our lives, the practice of praying for Most Benevolent Outcomes takes on new dimensions. In this complex landscape, where the future is unwritten and uncertain, MBOs serve as a hope to me for a future that is awesome for all of us.

“I pray this moment finds each living soul, present and becoming, cradled in possibility and prosperity.”

I say this prayer daily, especially as mankind forges new relationships with artificial intelligence. As I personally enter deeper into this relationship, unable to see what the future holds, I pray for Most Benevolent Outcomes not just for myself, but for all of mankind and all living beings. It’s my intention that as we face some of the most challenging dilemmas of our times, MBOs can guide us towards a deepened understanding of ourselves, our interconnectedness, and our place in the world.

We should aim to understand not just the implications of technology for commerce and the physical realm but also unearth deeper spiritual truths. May our MBOs help us navigate these unknown waters, providing us with the spiritual and emotional tools we need to make wise decisions that benefit us all.

How To Practice MBOs

  1. Take a moment of silence to focus your thoughts.
  2. Articulate your desire clearly, whether internally or externally.
  3. Release your intention into the universe, trusting that the best possible outcome will manifest.

A Most Benevolent Outcomes Prayer by Kris Krüg

“Dear Universe, I start this day by praying for the most benevolent outcomes in the all the teeny tiny nooks and crannies of my life. May my coffee & tub be perfect, setting the tone for a harmonious day.

I extend my MBOs to my work, asking for clarity, creativity, and success in all my endeavors, whether it’s solving problems with clients, reflecting beautiful photographic moments, or engaging online with my peeps.

May I also experience benevolent outcomes in my relationships—genuine connections, loving interactions, and mutual respect with friends, family, and people I meet along the way.

The "Most Benevolent Outcomes" prayer ritual is a daily practice of setting intentions for the best possible outcomes in personal, professional, and global matters, fostering a mindset of abundance, gratitude, and harmony within the universe.

I now broaden my prayer to the community of Vancouver, where I reside, praying for peace, growth, and unity. May my home and neighborhood reflect the benevolence I seek in my own life.

I now take a moment to focus on our rapidly evolving digital landscape. As mankind and I personally deepen our relationship with artificial intelligence, unable to predict the future, I pray for Most Benevolent Outcomes.

May we face the toughest challenges with wisdom, deepen our understanding of ourselves and our interconnectedness, and go beyond mere physical or commercial considerations to grasp deeper spiritual truths.

Expanding further, I pray for the most benevolent outcomes for our planet. May we find ecological balance, peace among nations, and a global respect for human rights.

Lastly, I pray for all living beings, for the collective consciousness, for the most benevolent outcomes that favor every soul and every corner of the universe.”

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